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Why carbon fiber rims

Lightweight:  Improves performance by reducing rotational weight for better acceleration and hill climbing.
Stiffness:  Provides better power transfer and handling for a responsive and efficient ride.
Aerodynamics:  Reduces drag and improves speed, especially for competitive cyclists.
Strength:  Incredibly durable, can withstand high-stress loads and impacts without breaking.
Comfort:  Natural shock-absorbing properties provide a comfortable ride, especially on rough terrain.

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Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Rims: Built for Speed and Durability

Explore our high-quality catalog of carbon fiber bicycle rims, engineered for superior ride quality and long-lasting durability.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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    I'm glad that I got a chance to try the CBR 26-inch mountain bike rims. The rims look nice. I didn't have any trouble building a wheel with a carbon rim compared to aluminum. The ERD measurement listed on the website said 516 mm but it was actually longer so measure twice before ordering spokes.

    The riding experience with a carbon rim is improved over previous rims I have used because of the reduced weight and improved stiffness. I had no trouble with this product and I would recommend these rims to anyone looking for carbon rims in this price range.

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    I am really glad that I got the chance to try the CBR 700c carbon road bike rims. I sent the rims to the bike shop and they built it up for me. I used the Halo Spin Master 6D road bike hubs, DT spokes, and Shimano 5800 11-speed cassette for these rims.

    Like most of the carbon road bike rims, the Neway rims have a 50mm (about 2 inches) deep V-shape profile with a 23mm wide rim bed. Both wheels have 24 holes. The rims are pretty light. They also look nice and provide a good riding experience.

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About Us

We prefer to be called a brand service provider rather than a factory.

At CBR, we specialize in producing high-quality carbon fiber bike rims for road and mountain bikes. With years of experience and a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line products and exceptional service to our clients.

With a focus on innovation, quality, and performance, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and delivering products that make a real difference in the lives of cyclists around the world.

Why Choose CBR?

Lighter & Safer
The CBR follows each technical iteration closely. From design to production, we carefully create lighter and safer bike rims for each rider.
Independent R & D
CBR product designers hold monthly product conferences and develop new products in response to customer needs and market trends.
Cost Reduction
CBR's sophisticated upstream and downstream supply chains save our customers a lot of money every year.
Customer Support
24/7 pre-sales and after-sales business team, professional warehouse management, and QC team, so that CBR customers get high-quality products at the same time, and have an excellent customer experience.

Let's Chat

Have a question about our carbon fiber bike rims? Want to learn more about our manufacturing process? Or simply want to say hello? We'd love to hear from you! Use the contact form to send us a message and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
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About Custom

Yes, we certainly can offer this kind of service.
Please email us a picture, and describe your clear and detailed request. We will provide a quote for you after checking your requirements and design that require your approval before proceeding. The cost depends on the size of the decals and the number of colors you choose.
After you have completed the purchase of rims and other parts with us, we will provide you with the shipping information so that you can send the hubs to us for the build process.
We are a professional carbon fiber composite company established in 2012. For the first ten years, we are a traditional production supplier, now we have established our own international business team to provide end-to-end services to more customers.
We use T700&T1000 carbon for the rim. High-temp resin( about 220 degrees Celsius)&Basalt on the braking surface for increasing stopping performance and durability. All rims are made from multiple densities and tensile strengths of carbon for the different structures in the rim.
Our testing is EN 14781 standard. Besides,we are supporting to do UCI and other testing for your brands.
For all carbon rims, we sell free from manufacturing defects, free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of (3) years from the original invoice date.
Read more on our WARRANTY page.
We can drill any custom spoke type (like hidden spoke, UST spokes, etc.) and offer various spoke counts as per your request.

Regarding the angled holes, please provide us with clear and detailed information, we will consult with our engineer with regard to viability.

Please reach out to us if you require custom spoke service.
We can ship 8000 rims per month at our peak, mainly serving customers in the North N market. At the same time we also have the ability to undertake retail end-ring customization capacity.

Whether you are a bike shop owner, team or club owner, a bike enthusiast, or a local brand or distributor, we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible service.
Yes, we have professional designers for your painting and descaling. You only need to send us your idea or logo pictures. We will produce the drawing to confirm before putting it on the rims and send pictures to confirm before shipping.
We have enough quantity for stock, normally 3-5 days. Special order and hot selling season 15-20 days.


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