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About CBR

We are a leading carbon fiber sports bike rim factory established in 2012. Our extensive product line includes mountain bike rims, road bike rims, fat bike rims, and more.

With a focus on design, development, production, and sales, we have been able to maintain a strong position in the market. Our monthly shipment volume of rims has reached close to 8000 pcs, and our carbon fiber bike rims are among the top sellers in Xiamen.

Our constant goal is to create lighter and safer products, ensuring that every rider can enjoy a superior riding experience.

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Our Story

Our factory was founded in 2012 by Mr. Wang, a former project leader at a well-known bicycle parts manufacturer in China. Frustrated by the focus on profits over customer satisfaction and innovation at traditional factories, he decided to start his own company. Starting with a small team, our factory has grown to over 100 employees, all dedicated to designing, producing, and selling high-quality carbon fiber sports bike rims.

Mr. Wang's vision is to use carbon fiber technology innovation and design optimization to help more people experience the joy of cycling. From mountain rims to road rims and snow wheels, we offer a wide range of products that are not only lighter and safer but also optimized for performance and comfort. Our factory is committed to accompanying our customers in developing new products and building their own brands.

Manufacturing Process

cbr 001 design carbon fiber wheel rim model structure

Design carbon fiber wheel rim model structure

cbr 002 carbon pre preg cutting

Carbon pre-preg Cutting

cbr 003 sort carbon pre preg for different rims

Sort carbon pre-preg for different rims

cbr 004 wrap carbon pre preg on rim mould

Wrap carbon pre-preg on rim mould

cbr 005 hot press molding

hot press molding

cbr 006 cnc machine drills the spoke holes in 4d direction

CNC machine drills the spoke holes in 4D-direction

cbr 007 smooth bike rim surface

Smooth bike rim surface

cbr 008 painting and decalcomania

Painting and decalcomania

cbr 009 qc and testing

QC and testing

cbr 010 wheel building and packing

Wheel Building and Packing

Embrace Change

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Marketing Director

When CBR decided to establish an independent overseas business team in 2021, we sought out John for his expertise and fresh perspective. With over a decade of experience leading the Foreign Trade team at a listed company in Shenzhen, China, John was looking for a new challenge when he returned to his hometown of Xiamen.

After inviting him to experience the beauty of Xiamen Island on a bike ride, he naturally became a part of our team.

We were thrilled to welcome Bruce to our team in 2022. With over 20 years of management experience in a bicycle parts factory, he has brought valuable expertise to our production chain. By standardizing our processes, Bruce has helped us reduce costs and increase efficiency, allowing us to focus more on new product development and customer management.

We are grateful for his contributions to CBR's growth and success.

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Factory Manager

How to judge a supplier of carbon fiber rims & Wheels?

Quality of Materials
CBR uses stable raw material suppliers and refrigeration equipment to ensure durable and high-quality products.
Manufacturing Process
Our strict manufacturing process and quality control procedures guarantee consistency and excellence.
Quality Control
We ensure high standards with comprehensive quality control procedures before product shipment.
An experienced engineering design team provides professional guidance. 

Our production standards meet European and North American associations and environmental requirements.
Customer Service
Our customer service team, led by a veteran with 10+ years of experience, ensures customer satisfaction.
We offer fair and competitive prices.

CBR provides 2-year quality assurance to demonstrate confidence in our product's durability and lifespan.


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