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Carbon rims are more sensitive to tire pressure and can crack under high pressure or hard impacts with low pressure, unlike alloy rims that may only dent. Proper attention to tire pressure is crucial to avoid damage to carbon rims.

While tire pressure is often a matter of personal preference, each rim has a recommended pressure range. Generally, wider rims or larger tires require lower pressure. The ideal air pressure should be high enough to prevent frequent rim bottoming but not too high that it makes the tire uncontrollable. On technical terrain, it's recommended to increase air pressure a few psi to prevent excessive rim strikes.

Checking air pressure before each ride is essential to prevent damage to the rim and ensure optimal performance. Consider your weight, riding style, tire choice, rim width, and terrain to determine the appropriate tire pressure. Good judgment is key in maintaining the health of your carbon rims.
MTB Wheels the front spoke tension :110 +-10 kilograms force
Rear wheel drive side :120 +-10 kilograms force
No drive side Rear :60% kilograms force of drive side Rear-wheel
Road bike wheels spoke tension:
front wheel: 110+-10 kg force
Rear wheel: 120+-10 kg force

Recommended maximum spokes tension: Less than 145 kgf.
UD, 3K, and 12K are just three different weaving types of carbon fibers that are widely used for manufacturing bicycle products. There are lots of debates online about the difference between carbon weaves of UD, 3K, and 12K. People who are just new to carbon fiber products maybe not know much about it.

UD is short for Uni-Directional, the fibers of UD weave are arranged in one direction, which is the most frequently used to make carbon fiber products. 3K means there are 3,000 filaments per "tow", and 12K means there are 12,000. They are decussated like a web. 3K weave carbon fiber is the most well-known.

The different weaving way makes the carbon fibers in different appearance and performance.

The illustration is as below, it shows different appearances of the weaves, and bicycle rims in different weaves. UD weave looks like plain black. Crossed 12K weave pattern is 4 times larger than the 3K weave. Customers may also know 1K, 6K, 18K, and 24K. They are also decussated/crossed, just in different sizes of the pattern.
what is the difference between weaves ud, 3k, and 12k
When it comes to fitting wheels onto your bike, it's generally safe to assume that road wheels will fit a road bike, and gravel wheels will fit a gravel bike. However, it's important to consider tire width and clearance between the tires and the fork/seat stays. To ensure a proper fit, start by measuring your tire width with calipers.

Next, use a set of Allen keys as feeler gauges to check the clearance at the chain stays, fork crown, and rear brake bridge. Once you find the wrench size that fits and the next size up doesn't, you have your clearance number for your existing setup. Keep in mind that Plus wheels will usually have wider and taller tires than those on narrower rims, so a 3mm clearance minimum is recommended.

If your bike frame is older (5-10 years old, depending on the manufacturer), it may not have the same level of tire clearance as more modern frames. Be sure to take this into consideration when choosing tires and wheels for your bike.
Asymmetrical and symmetrical rims differ in their design and drilling. Asymmetrical rims are specifically designed to compensate for the offset design of most hubs, resulting in more even spoke lengths, a stronger wheel build, and less truing than traditional rims. On the other hand, symmetrical rims utilize standard drilling practices and do not account for the offset hub design, resulting in a wheel build that may not be as strong as an asymmetrical build but is a more cost-effective option.
Free Coating Manufacturing process is a newly developed process in manufacturing carbon fiber rims, with no sanding or finish coating process conducted on the rim surface. Rims get polishing treatment right after the raw ones come out from the rim molds. The FCM process has been quite mature, All of our carbon fiber rims now are available with the FCM process. The advantages of an FCM-processed rim are lighter weight. scratch resistance. environment-friendly.
For all the Ultralight Edition rims and Premium Edition rims, we do make improvements over traditional tech (Standard Edition)) carbon fiber bicycle rims.

1. Materials: T1000 carbon fiber added to some Ultralight Edition rims, and/or T800 carbon fiber added to Premium Edition rims;

2. Optimized the layup system mixing T700 & T800/T1000 carbon fibers after many times of producing, testing, producing, and testing, found the best impact resistance over durability and tenacity.

3. We made a single mold to layer up the spoke bed wall. The flatness of the rim channel surface significantly improved so that the thickness at each spoke hole was completely consistent. It effectively prevents the carbon loop of the spoke hole wall from shifting;

4. Each rim would be attached with a card showing the flatness and roundness. The flatness and roundness are controlled quite well. Flatness is controlled within (+/-0.15mm), and roundness within +/-0.2mm, is easier to tune when doing wheelset assembly;

5. Three-year warranty offered for Ultralight and Premium Edition rims.

About Custom

Yes, we certainly can offer this kind of service.
Please email us a picture, and describe your clear and detailed request. We will provide a quote for you after checking your requirements and design that require your approval before proceeding. The cost depends on the size of the decals and the number of colors you choose.
After you have completed the purchase of rims and other parts with us, we will provide you with the shipping information so that you can send the hubs to us for the build process.
We are a professional carbon fiber composite company established in 2012. For the first ten years, we are a traditional production supplier, now we have established our own international business team to provide end-to-end services to more customers.
We use T700&T1000 carbon for the rim. High-temp resin( about 220 degrees Celsius)&Basalt on the braking surface for increasing stopping performance and durability. All rims are made from multiple densities and tensile strengths of carbon for the different structures in the rim.
Our testing is EN 14781 standard. Besides,we are supporting to do UCI and other testing for your brands.
For all carbon rims, we sell free from manufacturing defects, free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of (3) years from the original invoice date.
Read more on our WARRANTY page.
We can drill any custom spoke type (like hidden spoke, UST spokes, etc.) and offer various spoke counts as per your request.

Regarding the angled holes, please provide us with clear and detailed information, we will consult with our engineer with regard to viability.

Please reach out to us if you require custom spoke service.
We can ship 8000 rims per month at our peak, mainly serving customers in the North N market. At the same time we also have the ability to undertake retail end-ring customization capacity.

Whether you are a bike shop owner, team or club owner, a bike enthusiast, or a local brand or distributor, we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible service.
Yes, we have professional designers for your painting and descaling. You only need to send us your idea or logo pictures. We will produce the drawing to confirm before putting it on the rims and send pictures to confirm before shipping.
We have enough quantity for stock, normally 3-5 days. Special order and hot selling season 15-20 days.

Standard Warranty Policy

Coverage: 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.


(1) If any manufacturing defect occurs within 30 days of the date of being received, We are obligated to replace the rim(s) and pay for the shipping cost. If any manufacturing defect occurs after 31 days and up to 3 years, We are obligated to replace the rim(s), and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.

(2) At our discretion, we may send a heavier-duty rim version. If we no longer make the rim you purchased we’ll upgrade you to the newest equivalent model at no extra cost.

(3) The Standard Warranty program is not transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser.

(4) Any problem found on the warranty replacement product should be claimed within 7 days after the replacement is received, otherwise, the replacement is viewed as settled. The warranty period applies to the original purchase date and does not reset with a replacement rim.

This warranty coverage DOES NOT cover:

(1) Improper assembly or maintenance, including maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

(2) Installation of parts, accessories, or tires that are not originally intended for, or compatible with, the rims/wheels as sold.

(3) Damage or failures caused by a crash, accidental damage, misuse of the product, heat damage (typically caused by the wheel sitting too close to vehicle exhaust), non-compliance with manufacturer specifications of usage, or any other fractious reasons.

(4) Use of straight gauge spokes.

(5) Normal wear and tear (spokes, nipples, pawls, bearings, rim tape, decals, stickers, etc).



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